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Relay Tester

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Product Name: Relay Tester
Product Model: LY803
Supplier Name: other brand

Brief Introduction
Relay Tester able to overlay the various harmonics, stacking the initial angle and online content control.

Relay Tester


Relay Tester Specifications
1, current output
Three-phase AC :0-40A / Phase 0-120A / three-phase parallel
Three-phase DC :0-15A / Phase 0-45A / three-phase parallel
AC Power: 400VA / phase 1200VA / three-phase parallel
DC Power: 200VA / phase
Resolution: 1mA accuracy of "0.2%
2, voltage output
Four-phase AC :0-120V / Phase 0-480V / 4-phase parallel
Four-phase DC :0-120V / Phase 0-480V / 4-phase parallel
4 Phase Power: 80VA / phase 320VA / four-phase parallel
Resolution: 0.001V Accuracy "0.2%
3, the switch input
Quantity: 5 pairs of types: air contacts <250VDC electrical signal compatible with
4, the switch output
Quantity: 4 pairs of types: the empty space contact contact capacity: 24V/3A or 250V/0.3Ah

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