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LY803 relay tester

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Product Name: LY803 relay tester
Product Model: LY803 series
Supplier Name: other brand

Brief Introduction
LY803 relay tester is the Shanghai Laiyang Electric Technology Co.,LTD.,

LY803 relay tester

1.1  LY803 relay testerProducts Description
LY803 relay tester is the Shanghai Laiyang Electric Technology Co.,LTD., the reference to the Electric Power Industry Standard of the People 's Republic of China "DL/T624-1997 protection microcomputer test technical conditions widely listen to the views of the user on the basis of conscientiously sum up the years accumulation of product development and production experience , using the latest electronic technology developed by a new generation of protective relay test device.
LY803 relay tester Characteristics of Product
1. LY803 relay tester The industry 's first true color touch screen + keying operation more handy
LY803 relay tester This machine uses an 8 - inch color touch screen , with self-designed keyboard , faster, more handy , the same time, the program began to experiment with automatically turn off the touchscreen to prevent any misuse .
2、LY803 relay tester The industry 's first built-in single-channel embedded analog circuit breaker
LY803 relay tester The analog circuit breaker protection devices for the entire group of tests as well as alternative to the real high-voltage circuit breaker in the standby power source device test project . Analog device for the machine 's built-in microcomputer relay protection test system supporting products , especially in the new power plant , substation high-voltage circuit breaker did not fine or DC power is not cast , use the built-in analog circuit breaker relay protect the test will not be subject to external factors , which shorten debug time and improve test efficiency .
3、LY803 relay tester Embedded host machine equipped with Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD)
The host machine adopts a high-speed and high-performance embedded microcomputer system equipped with a CPLD, so it has high response speed, wide transmission band and can producing high-density fitting sine wave with 500 points per cycle for the fundamental wave. The output waveform is smooth, and no harmonic component exists. Since there are a great number of output points and accurate filtering circuit is used, the distortion of the waveform is very small. In a harmonic output process, a high density of 55 points per cycle can be achieved for even the ninth harmonic at 450Hz. Meanwhile, the software has very powerful man-machine conversation and on-line assistance functions, and can control any test parameter.
4、LY803 relay tester Stand-alone 8 - channel D / A output simultaneously
LY803 relay tester 16-bit precision DAC chip , fitting waveform of high precision , good linearity . 8 analog signals can be output simultaneously to meet the all-round test of transformer protection , standby power source .
5、LY803 relay tester High-precision linear amplifier, the output phase voltage and phase current.
LY803 relay tester Careful design voltage, a current amplifier to achieve DC / AC shared output stage utilizes a unique high precision ultra-linear amplification techniques . High precision , good reliability , while output of 5-phase AC voltage and 3 -phase alternating current , per phase AC voltage output up to 130V , 70VA AC current full- and output up to 90A . DC voltage output up to 300V, 130VA.
6、LY803 relay tester Interface complete host integration single chassis structure
LY803 relay tester The system operator interface and test results show the whole Chinese All procedures were set in the display, clear and intuitive display. The device is available comes with a touch screen and keyboard operation, and also to provide an external keyboard / mouse port. Also provides two USB ports, two RS232 ports, can communicate with an external computer and other equipment. Just 220V AC power supply, the boot can work. Easy to carry, ideal for flow test and field work.
7、LY803 relay tester The auxiliary dc source (optional )
LY803 relay tester Native optional separate two DC power group 110VDC/1.0A, another group 220VDC/0.6A, the boot automatically output, can be used to protect the power supply, no need to set up and adjust by software.
8、LY803 relay tester Intelligent self-protection
LY803 relay tester A radiating structure of the latest design is used to ensure excellent ventilation state. Phenomena endangering the safety of the device, such as overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, short circuit, over-high temperature and data abnormity can be judged at the same time, and even faulty operation does not go so far as to damage the device. Besides, the alarming indicating lamp of the device turns red and the amplifier is switched off automatically when danger signal, such as external voltage enters the tester through a terminal.
9、LY803 relay tester Rich contacts and the ability of the test is applicable
LY803 relay tester The device has eight switch inputs (A B C R a b c r) and four switch outputs. The input contact is compatible with the idle contact and the 0-250Vdc electric potential contact, and can be recognized intelligently.
10、LY803 relay tester Placed flexible and powerful software
LY803 relay tester The device can be placed vertically or horizontally, and allows off line operation as well as operation with externally connected PC machine. The test result can be sorted out and recorded automatically into a test report for easy reference, and can also be directly stored in a U disk, so it can be conveniently transferred to the externally connected PC machine for editing, printing, etc. The software can be upgraded simply and rapidly through the U disk or through downloading of the externally connected PC machine without modifying any hardware. The software has powerful auxiliary computing function, and can automatically calculate positive, negative and zero-sequence voltages and currents and primary and secondary active power, reactive power and power factors. Optional built-in GPS module, you can synchronize the system debugging with an external antenna.
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