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Contact Resistance Tester

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Product Name: Contact Resistance Tester
Product Model: LGY-III
Supplier Name: other brand

Brief Introduction
Contact Resistance TesterMeasuring range: 0-1999μΩResolution: 1μΩMeasuring current: >100A/DCMeasuring precision: 0.5 gradeDisplay mode: LCDWorking temperature: -10℃ to 50℃

Contact Resistance Tester



Contact Resistance Tester

According to the requirements in new Procedures of delivery and preventive test of electric power equipment, for the measurement of conductive circuit resistance in all switching equipment, the testing current shall not be less than 100A. So, based on the new procedures, we have designed new generation intelligent circuit resistance tester, which is applicable to measurement for contact resistance of main contacts in high and low voltage switches, DC resistance of high and low voltage cable line and so on. LGY-III intelligent circuit resistance tester adopts 100A constant current output, maximum output voltage up to 10V (2 to 3 times of traditional instruments), testing wire with small cross section area can be used, greatly reducing labour intensity of site persons for testing. Testing process is automatically controlled by singlechip, high precision, excellent measuring repeatability, single press-button for operation, simple and easy, testing results shown by LCD, the results printed. It is used in various working environment.

I.    Technical parameters

Measuring range: 0-1999μΩ

Resolution: 1μΩ

Measuring current: >100A/DC

Measuring precision: 0.5 grade

Display mode: LCD

Working temperature: -10 to 50

Working voltage: AC220V±10%

Size: 290×280×240

Weight: 6.2kg

II.    Principle

In the tester, there is 100A switching built-in power supply, executing real-time tracking testing of two constant current 100A circuits, ensuring correct testing results.

III.   Outside structure

Current A, Resistance (μΩ)



IV.   Operating procedures

1.   Wiring according to four-terminal wiring method.


2.   Turn on power supply.

3.   Press measure/print key (if A value of current display is less than 100A, correct with current fine-tune on panel).

4.   After measured value is displayed, if data storage is necessary, press measure/print key for 3s in order to print data.

5.   When measurement is over, turn off power supply.

6.   Please take good care of measuring clamp.

V. Tester and its accessories

A main machine of tester

Where is an accessory box

A set of testing wires

A roll of printing paper

Four 3A fuses

A copy of printer instructions

A power cable

A copy of operation instructions of the product

Quality certificate and guarantee card

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