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High Voltage Breaker Tester

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Product Name: High Voltage Breaker Tester
Product Model: LYGKH-8010
Supplier Name: other brand

Brief Introduction
High Voltage Breaker Tester to imports of this product, as much as various types of oil circuit-breaker, less oil circuit-breaker, SF6 circuit-breaker, vacuum circuit-breaker

High Voltage Breaker Tester

1.High Voltage Breaker Tester Product Overview
1.1 High Voltage Breaker Tester Main Features
1.Key data on English language interface command shows
2.Data, print data, respectively, curve screen, waveform
3.Non-test data do not show (including the data do not show 0)
4.close-open time test functionat C000O
5.Measuring the proportion of non-action rod for V0, V1, V2, V3, V4 of the speed of the definition
6.Test data can be stored, upload computer
1.2High Voltage Breaker Tester  Applied
High Voltage Breaker Tester Apply to imports of this product, as much as various types of oil circuit-breaker, less oil circuit-breaker, SF6 circuit-breaker, vacuum circuit-breaker, such as high-voltage switchgear (circuit breakers) to test the mechanical properties. Also apply to electromagnetic Action appliances (such as contactors, relays, etc.) the test of time.
1.3 High Voltage Breaker Tester Basic functions
1Time: Inherent in opening (closing) time
Opening-simultaneity of the switching device
Closing-simulataneity of the switching device
Opening (closing) springing time; reading wave map from the time
Close-open time
2.Speed: speed at instant of contacts separating(touching)
         the maximum speed of contacts separating(touching)
Average speed in specified period (paragraph itinerary, rotation angle above)
3travel: travel(of contact)
        Ultra-trip (trip to insert)
Overshoot trip
Trip back to shells
1.4 High Voltage Breaker Tester Technical Indicator
Test range:0.1ms997ms
Accuracy: ± (0.1% reading +2 words)
Graphic Display: 1S, the 13 all the way ≮ 0.1ms hopping
Speed range: 1mm Sensor (oil switch,SF6)   0.01~20.00m/s
0.1mmSensor (vacuum switch)    0.0012.00m/s
1 ° angle sensor (vacuum switch, SF6) 1 cycle / 1 °
Accuracy:1 mm sensor ± (1% reading +1 word)
             0.1mm sensor ± (2% reading +1 word)
             1 ° angle sensor ± (1% reading +1 word)
Graphics:V-t and every point on the curve (V, t) values
Test range: 1mm sensor 0999mm
0.1mm sensor 0.140mm
angle sensor 0360°
Accuracy: ± (1% reading +1 word)
Graphic Display: S-t Curve and every value of 0.1mm or 1mm or 1 ° displacement
The test of current characteristics
Test range: 40mA10A
Resolution: 40mA
Accuracy: ± (1% reading +40 am)
Graphical display: It curve and every point on the curve (I, t) the parameter values
Trigger Mode: coil voltage, current, sensors, fracture of any synchronization signal to trigger
DC power
Output voltage: 30110VContinuously adjustable
Outpour current: ≤ 15A
Load change rate: ≤ 1%
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