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Transformer Characteristics Tester

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Product Name: Transformer Characteristics Tester
Product Model: LYFA-800
Supplier Name: other brand

Brief Introduction
Transformer Characteristics Tester the first domestic the MBC power control technology, single-phase AC220V input power,

Transformer Characteristics Tester

Transformer Characteristics Tester
Product Description
1, the first domestic the MBC power control technology, single-phase AC220V input power, output of full isolation design more scientific and rational, safer to use and reliable.
Device power output is all true voltage and current values ​​and waveform standard sine wave frequency of 50-60Hz; truly effective simulation of the true state of the transformer, in line with the provisions of the relevant national overhaul.
Can detect voltage characteristics of CT / PT transformation ratio, polarity, inflection point voltage and current values ​​are automatically calculated and 5% and 10% error curve the secondary AC withstand, CT once through flow (secondary loop checks) and CT demagnetization other projects, the easy use of a machine.
4 single power input port; CT / PT test project can be completed only eight test ports, wiring is safe and simple, ideal for field use, can effectively reduce the labor intensity, improve work efficiency;
5, using the the rotation mouse and large LCD display, the operation is simple, clear graphic display, intuitive and easy.
6, large capacity FLASH memory: 1000 test data can be saved, not lost after power down, may at any time access.
7, USB Interface: easy to connect a new laptop, upload the test data, edit save.
8, small size, light weight, easy field use (Dimension 400 X 300 X 280mm, 25Kg).
9, the products according to customer requirements Optional Supporting Actor poor than poor test functions.
Technical parameters
1, single output voltage :0-1000V or 0-2500V;(Large voltage range can be customized)
2, single output current :0-600A / 5V or 0-1200A/5V;  (Can be customized to the large
current range)
3, a data error: I ≤ 0.5%, and U ≤ 0.5%.
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