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China's power generators mull building concentrated solar power projects

China's power generators mull building concentrated solar power projects
 Five Chinese power generation groups including China Datang Corporation, the China Huaneng Group, China Huadian Corporation, China Guodian Corporation, and China Power Investment Corporation are carrying out feasibility studies on the construction of concentrated solar power (CSP) farms, said an industry insider on Wednesday.
   Speaking at the 25th Cleantech Forum in Beijing, Ming Sung,the chief representative of Clean Air Task Force, said that agovernmental push would play a key role in the development of CSPand expected the construction of CSP farms to begin in the nearfuture.
   Now, some Chinese power generators are talking with foreignpartners, with law firms like Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosatifrom the United States participating in the action.
   Most of the technologies need to be imported for the earlystage and CSP projects are likely to be situated in north and westChina's dessert area, said Sung.
   By the end of 2008 China had a little more than 100 MW ofinstalled Solar PV power capacity, and solar PV power can't keeppace with national solar power development goals.
   China has to develop renewable energy in large scale in abid to crank up its share of renewable energy to 20 percent by 2020from 9 percent in 2009.
   The State Grid Corporation of China is more likely to agreewith the connection of CSP systems and the national grid, thanks tothe close relationship between grid operators and power generationcompanies.
   Moreover, China Aerospace Science & TechnologyCorporation is working with Maison Worley Parsons on the buildingof a pilot CSP system in northwestern China with capacity rangingfrom 50 MW to 100 MW.
   Once on track, CSP is expected to reshape the marketstructure of China's solar energy business and help boost thenational drive to develop renewable energy.
   Now, in China where coal contributes to more than 70percent of the nation's power consumption, power generationcompanies are under great pressure to develop renewable energy tomeet the requirements made by the government.



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